Lichtenstein, Roy


1923 – 1997

Born on October 27th, 1923 in New York, Roy Lichtenstein wasthe most consistent painter in Pop Art, since, in Lichtenstein´s paintings, popular picture-formulas from comics, advertisements and cartoons, or from well known works of art and styles of painting, were removed from their usual context. The works of Roy Lichtenstein represented the first serious attempto bridge the gap between “highbrow” art and the “lowbrow” art of the trivial and popular. Roy Lichtenstein´s paintings reflected for the first time the technical possibilities that a work of art possessed in accordance with the technical reproduction capabilities of the time. Halftone techniques, sharp contrasts and a limitation on primary colours, in order to achieve the effect of cheap prints, defined Roy Lichtenstein´s paintings. Roy Lichtenstein died at the age of 73 in September 1997.

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