Terms & Conditions


All goods are in very good/perfect condition unless specially stated. All descriptions are correct , there can be some little differences in mesurements due to transferring centimeters into inches. The photographs are from the actual piece I am selling, what you see is what I sell. We try to take the picture as good as possible, the colors are sometimes stronger or lighter than in reallity. Everybody can receive multiple photographs upon request.


We stand for our product. Every item is authentic. We joign a Certificate of Authenticity of our own gallery. We can produce a Certificate of Authenticity, written by a independant surveyor/expert, upon request and against payment.
If the buyer can proof that one of our product is fake/ not the real thing , we will refund the complete amount. We will not accept the claims without proof. The buyer will have to proof and give full description of the false product, eventually with certificates of independant experts. Keep in mind that the claims have to be made within a reasonable time after purchase. This Warranty stops when the goods are sold to third parties. No claim shall be accepted from third parties.


Payment should be made in advance. We accept CREDITCARDS, CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS, Banktransfer and PAYPAL. The goods will be shipped once the payment has been settled and cleared. Refunds will be made with the same payment methods when possible.

We accept PAYPAL (somethimes with extra charges, sometimes not, depending on the sale)<p>

All goods are sold “ex-works” packed ready to leave. We handle the goods and pack them in adequate packaging. Our responsability stops when the goods are packed ready to leave. Shipping and Insurance are under the responsability of the buyer. We can provide adequate transport and Insurance at a reasonable price. When we are asked to provide the transport, we will act as “Commissioner of transport”, we give the shipping to a professional courrier or postfirm. Aranging shipment will not make us responsable for damage during shipping caused by the courrier/handler/postoffice/customs or other person that handled the goods between our doorstep and the buyers doorstep.
We can not be held responsable if the courrier/transportfirm or insurance company  rejects their responsability.
We can’t be held responsable for damage or delays caused by  Customs inspections. Import rights are always for the buyer and should be payed to their local agents.Upon reception of the goods, the buyer has to inspect the goods. If the goods are not like discussed or if these goods are damaged, the buyer must contact the seller within 48 houres of reception. For European transport (mainly done by road – the CMR conditions will apply). 
The Insurance is optional. The insurance will be suscribed at the courrier firm or external insurance compagny. The goods will be insured for the complete amount ex.shipment costs. In case of damage we will give full cooperation and try to help as much as possible. We have a certain knowledge of insurance and transport law. We will not be held responsable for not accepted claims by the insurance compagny.

If possible and discussed, the buyer can receive a new or other piece – only after the original piece was returned in the same condition as it was originally received.

VERY IMPORTANT: If there are external damages on the package, the buyer must notify them immediately on the Air Waybill at delivery. Claims should be made immediately, this for Insurance purposes.

Legal Prosecution

Every claim should be made by written report within a reasonable time. The transaction of buying or selling, with or without a written document is a contract. By paying the invoice the buyer accepts all the above conditions of sale. Serious legal problems with this contract or prosecution problems can only be made before the court of justice of Ghent, Belgium.


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